The Commission-Free Platform for Trading Options & Stocks

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Commission-Free Options & Stocks Trading

Advance beyond the 95 million US investors paying fees, and join the new era of zero-commission investing.

Our Customers First

You are more than a customer, you are a partner, which means your success is our success. It's time to say goodbye to fees. Let's grow your wealth together.

Learn Options & Strategies

Learn and develop the strategy to achieve big outcomes. Take the necessary steps and believe in the process that will provide the results.


Stradl uses the latest state of the art technology to fully encrypt your personal information. All information is securely stored so you can sleep at night knowing no one is peeking.

Reliable and Fast

Free Stock Trading? It may not be a new idea, but that doesn't mean they got it right. Stradl invests in an engine that makes sure your trades are executed quickly and securely. No spinning wheels and no second guessing.

Easy to Use

We make the markets less intimidating with an app that doesn't require a degree in finance or an overcompensated broker to navigate. You are smart and powerful enough to do this. We've just provided the way.

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Our Team

Logan Millard


As a deal closer, revenue generator and relationship builder within Fortune 500 companies, Logan brings value everywhere he goes. Logan holds an MBA with an emphasis in finance. He believes it takes equal parts vision and strategic execution to make the magic work.

Elliot Moroz


A skilled and intuitive leader, Elliot is the person you want for any technical challenge. He's known for his knack for identifying and discovering a need, and then building systems, processes and solutions around it to achieve big outcomes. He lives by the rule that there is no progress without technical innovation.

John Gilmartin


With over 30 years experience in the options industry, John Gilmartin is trading and securities professional, who was managing director, board member and Co-CEO of Group One Trading, as well as partner at GO Capital, a self-funded firm specializing in options and equities trading and arbitrage. Apart from his extensive industry contacts John's background in electronic trading, market structure, trading operations, regulation, risk management will benefit Stradl in achieving its goals. John attended the University of Pennsylvania.